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Pet Friendly Flooring

What is The Best Flooring for Pets?


We know that your furry friends are just as cute and cuddly as ever, whether they’re young, adults, or elderly pets. No matter what age your pets are, they’re a part of the family. At Emerson Carpet One Floor & Home in Baton Rouge, we understand. We also know that pets can wreak havoc on your home at any age. To better prepare yourself for all the possibilities, it’s best to invest in flooring that can handle nearly anything. We carry a beautiful selection of flooring that is ready to take on you and your pet’s toughest days, and our local flooring professionals can help you find the perfect choice for you. 


Pet-friendly Waterproof Flooring


If you’re thinking about waterproof flooring, but are concerned about styles, don’t worry – you have options. We carry both luxury vinyl and tile that are waterproof, so you have a wide selection to choose from when it comes to waterproof options.  Luxury vinyl is popular because of its strength and durability, and you can find it in either tiles or planks. Luxury vinyl planks can be found in wood-look styles so that you can get the charming elegance of wood in a flooring type that is both robust and waterproof. Tile has been around for many years, and it proves itself a worthy contender because of its versatility and many designs. Whether you’re looking for the wood-look, a shiny classic or luxurious stone, you can find a wide range when it comes to tile.


Pet-Friendly Carpet


Pet-friendly carpet? How is that possible? Today’s technology has made pet-friendly carpet possible with built-in stain-resistance. There are some carpets on the market today that don’t absorb liquids, so cleaning up when there is a mess is quick and easy. Our exclusive brand Relax it’s…Lees® has pet-friendly options for you, and they can be found in our showroom! 



Scratch Resistant Flooring

Scratch Resistant Flooring

COREtec is one of the top choices for waterproof luxury vinyl. It is constructed with a 100% waterproof core so that water and liquids cannot get through. 



Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is an excellent option for any home with pets. You might be surprised at just how many gorgeous waterproof options there are today.



Waterproof Flooring


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