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Laminate Flooring | Emerson Carpet One Floor Home

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Laminate Flooring


Laminate is an engineered floor made of layers: the

base layer, the core layer and the photograph layer. All

of those layers are then sealed with a clear resin that

holds them all in place and protects the floor. In

congruence with the many layers of laminate, we

at Emerson Carpet One decided to give you all

the information on laminate, one feature at a

time. Or how we like to call

it, “how laminate stacks up.”



Laminate is a man-made, or engineered floor. This means that laminate is not made up of solely natural materials and does not

stay in its original form, such as a plank of hardwood or a stone. However, laminate has all the added benefits from technological advancements in flooring such as increased strength from laminating planks of recycled wood together. The planks are laminated together in a cross-ply pattern to add even more strength and balance to the floor.



Another feature of laminate is its look. Laminate is made to look like hardwood flooring. The way this look is achieved is by placing a high definition photograph of hardwood flooring on top of the laminated wood fibers. This gives laminate the look of hardwood while also giving it a lower price point since an image is much cheaper than the actual wood.



Although laminate and hardwood are different in many ways, since laminate is made up of wood at the core, it performs in similar ways. Laminate is not suitable for high moisture areas just like hardwood since it can expand and contract when moisture levels change. Laminate also has a similar dimensional stability to wood and can withstand heavy impacts.



All in all, laminate is a great flooring option to consider if you are looking for a strong and durable floor with the look of hardwood without paying the price. Laminate is built to last and is very versatile. For any questions, call our store today to speak with one of our flooring consultants!



We're proud to serve customers throughout Baton Rouge, LA, including the cities of Gonzales, Prairieville, Baker and Denham Springs.


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