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Hardwood in Baton Rouge, LA

As hardwood flooring keeps evolving, it’s now easy to enjoy hardwood floors, even in humid climates. Don’t believe us? Visit Emerson Carpet One Floor & Home of Baton Rouge, LA, where we provide hardwood selections for all space- yes, even waterproof hardwood floors! If you’re leaning towards new hardwood flooring, here are tips to help you choose the perfect products.


Can Hardwood Flooring Suit My Signature Style?


Hardwood flooring has been gracing our homes for hundreds of years, but time continues to improve on this enduring favorite. Today, you’ll find a full range of options in all your favorite sizes, colors, finishes, and shades. It can be trendy, modern, or contemporary.


What Types of Woods Are Used For Flooring?


Hardwood flooring is crafted from traditional and exotic tree species, including







A general rule of thumb: each hardwood species is unique in hardness and abilities. Our hardwood experts can help you make the smartest choices based on your style, budget, and space


Is Engineered Hardwood “Real” Wood?


Engineered hardwood flooring is, indeed, made of hardwood. Engineered hardwood planks are made of layers of wood that are laminated and fused together. These layers have a cross-ply pattern for maximum strength and durability. Engineered hardwood is more affordable option since you’re only paying the premium price for the top layers. It’s a very functional yet versatile choice.



Solid hardwood flooring is made up of solid planks of wood. Wood planks come in various lengths and different widths, ranging from three inches to as much as twelve inches or more. To ensure a tight fit during installation, planks are formed with grooved edges. This ensures the wood stays tight after installation. While solid hardwood flooring is an excellent fit for most rooms, it isn’t advised in high moisture areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements since it is prone to expansion and contraction with changing moisture levels.



How Do I Prepare For My Hardwood Installation?


Hardwood flooring is undoubtedly beautiful but needs to be carefully vetted before you install it. It needs to be avoided in the kitchen or bathroom. If you have your designs set on solid hardwood flooring, make sure your space has a consistent relative humidity level. Engineered hardwood is an excellent alternative if you have a large family and a busy schedule. A professional installation is recommended for best results, regardless of which type of hardwood flooring selected.


How Can I Keep My Hardwood Floor Healthy In Our Humid Climate?


Wood absorbs moisture quite well. When hardwood absorbs the moisture present in the air it swells up and then shrinks when humidity levels drop. Constant swelling and shrinking over time can seriously damage hardwood floors, often resulting in very warped flooring. The way the hardwood floor was installed and the care the flooring received will determine the severity of the damage.





Is It Time To Refinish My Hardwood Floor?


As life happens and your floors get dinged, scratched, or damaged, the finish on your wood can begin to lose its effectiveness. Water is a great way of testing whether or not your floors need to be refinished or if they could just use a good polish and cleaning to get out come nicks. For the test, drip a little water onto your floor.





Come Explore Our Hardwood Floor Selection


You’ll love our ever-growing collection of hardwood products, experienced installation services, swift turnaround, and fair pricing. To learn more or browse the best hardwood brands, please visit us soon at 11031 Coursey Boulevard in Baton Rouge, LA.                                   


How to Clean Hardwood Floors


How To Clean Hardwood Floors

How To Clean Hardwood Floors


There are several things you can do to

ensure happy tomorrows for your hardwood

floor. It’s easier than you might believe.