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Hardwood and Humidity

What is the Best Humidity Level for Hardwood Floors?


Nearly all homeowners covet hardwood floors and many find that beautiful solid hardwood floors are often out of their price range. When a person is able to acquire a residence or business that is built with hardwood floors, they make sure to keep them in good condition. A surefire way to damage your precious wood flooring is by living in a humid environment. Fortunately, however, there are measures of prevention that can be taken once you know the potential problems outlined below:


How does Humidity Affect Wood?


Many people don’t realize wood absorbs moisture quite well. When hardwood absorbs the moisture present in the air it swells up and then shrinks when humidity levels drop. Constant swelling and shrinking over a period of time can seriously damage hardwood floors, often resulting in very warped flooring. The way the hardwood floor was installed and the care the flooring received will determine the severity of the damage.


Installing Hardwood Floors Humidity


Another thing to consider when owning hardwood floors in a humid environment is that the floor has the potential to rot if the humidity is high enough. This is not at all uncommon unfortunately, and is often due to simple ignorance on the homeowner’s part. The good news is that preserving your handsome hardwood floors is entirely manageable.


The process of ensuring the longevity and quality of your hardwood floors begins the moment they arrive at your home. Because each environment has its own unique levels of humidity, your newly arrived hardwood floors should be given time to adjust to humidity levels in the home. This ensures that they may be properly installed, and not later swell or shrink, causing gaps in the floors or lifting at the edges.


How Long do you have to let Hardwood Flooring Acclimate?


The next step, after proper installation, is ensuring that environmental conditions in your home are conducive to healthy wood flooring. If you live in a humid environment, install a de-humidifier or have multiple portable de-humidifiers placed in the rooms that have wood flooring.  Wherever you live, is best to seek the help and advice from qualified professionals when picking out hard wood and having it installed. By employing a qualified professional, you are taking the most important step in ensuring that your hardwood floors will last for generations to come.


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