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COREtec Luxury Vinyl Flooring


If you’re interested in a stylish, waterproof floor for your home or business and haven’t heard of COREtec®, it’s time to get to know this innovative brand. Emerson Carpet One Floor & Home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is your local COREtec dealer. With so many benefits, it’s no secret that these floors are one of the leading options when it comes to luxury vinyl. Let our experts explain the advantages of COREtec while showing you how it could benefit your space specifically. We proudly serve Baton Rouge Parish, Ascension Parish, Livingston Parish, and beyond.


Benefits of COREtec


COREtec floors are known as the original waterproof luxury vinyl. Each plank or tile is constructed with a durable rigid core made of materials like recycled wood, bamboo dust, and virgin PVC. This provides dimensional stability and prevents the floor from swelling with moisture exposure.

You can install COREtec in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other high-moisture areas without worry. It’s also perfect for pet owners and busy families. In homes where spills and splatters are frequent, COREtec floors are especially ideal because they do not allow water to seep into the subfloor below. In addition to its waterproof properties, COREtec features a durable wear layer that’s stain, wear, and scratch-resistant.

On top of its impressive performance qualities, COREtec floors offer stunning natural wood and stone looks that are ultra-realistic. Thanks to advanced imaging and texturing technology, most customers aren’t able to tell the difference from the surface level. This makes COREtec a stylish, easy-to-maintain alternative to hardwood and tile.


Our COREtec Selection


We offer a full range of COREtec products, including COREtec Plus plank, COREtec Plus tile, COREtec One, COREtec Plus HD, COREtec Plus XL, and COREtec Plus Design.

COREtec Plus products all feature an antimicrobial cork underlayment. This adds comfort and insulation underfoot. It also provides better balance to the floor. You can install COREtec Plus over minor imperfections in your subfloor and still have a beautiful, level surface. The cork layer also helps absorb noise in busy settings like restaurants and cafes, promoting better room acoustics.

We also now offer CORE waterproof wood, which features a hardwood veneer over a vinyl sublayer. You can enjoy the truly unique details of real wood, from rich natural hues to elegant swirling wood grain patterns, without the worry. We also carry COREtec stone, which features built in grout lines and beveled edges.

If you think COREtec sounds like it’s for you, see our available options at our showroom in Baton Rouge, LA. We can help you get your flooring project started!





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