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Top Carpet Trends

Top Carpet Trends


When shopping for a new carpet, homeowners are often offered a huge choice between color, texture and patterns.  While some designs demand the latest in color and cut, many times the timeless selections found in many homes are still the right ones for a number of reasons.


Carpet Color Trends


While designs for furniture, wall color and artwork change almost as fast as the clothing industry, the floors in a home remain for decades. By selecting a neutral color for carpet flooring such as beige, grey, off-white or one of many browns, the upholstery color choices are never compromised.  Potential home buyers are most likely to see the existing flooring as a positive, instead of something that needs to get changed.  Simply, neutral colored flooring might be perceived as boring, but in actuality it is the most versatile and appealing.


Modern Wall to Wall Carpet Trends


Patterns in carpeting have been popular for many years. When used in heavy traffic areas such as family rooms or children's bedrooms, the pattern will hide dirt and stains very well, concealing the wear on the floor.  Whether geometric, color splash or floral, selecting flooring with a busy background can be the best choice in an area that will require more maintenance due to foot traffic.


Popular Carpets for Bedrooms


While sinking toes into the thick pile of a shag carpet is a luxurious sensation, there are other reasons to take into consideration when selecting the weave of a carpet. Closed loop carpeting resists the build up of dirt better than the cut loop varieties. Also, it is far more durable, able to last years longer in higher traffic areas.  Sculpted options for the weave can add depth and interest in an otherwise flat surface. When seeking carpet flooring for dining areas, rec rooms and hallways, closed loop is a cost effective and attractive choice. Finally, improvements in indoor/outdoor carpeting means it can be utilized on decks and patios for a touch of luxury in backyard lounges.


For more information about carpet fibers and the best option for you, check out this video full of advice by our own experts!


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