Waterproof Floors

Carpet, Tile, LVT, & Laminate

Top Waterproof Flooring Options 

Having a waterproof floor in your home doesn’t restrict you to just hard surface flooring choices. In fact, we offer high-performance carpets that are able to resist stains and liquids while also providing soft comfort. Nonetheless, if you desire a hard surface floor with waterproof capabilities, we offer a variety of options, including laminate, LVT, and Tile. 

Waterproof Carpet

Keep in mind that carpet is not 100% waterproof, but these brands are able to easily resist stains and liquids. Lees, Innovia, and Tigressa offer beneficial features to keep their carpets dry. 

Pet Friendly Carpet

Lees carpets repels liquids 4x faster than traditional carpets and is stain resistant. In addition, you can truly relax having a Lees carpet in your home because of its unbeatable warranty.  Lees provides a 25 year “No Exclusions” Ultra 25 Stain Warranty. No matter water, your Lees carpet will always be protected if its water resistance does fail. 

Best Quality Carpet Brand

Innovia’s Extreme Clean carpet collection provides a smooth silky surface and is permanently stain resistant. Innovia’s pet-friendly technology ensures pet stains and odors will not be absorbed into the carpet fibers. In addition, these fibers are able to repel liquids (water) and soiling due to the fibers flexibility and durable shield. 

Best Carpet for Pets

The Tigressa H20 collection proves that water isn’t a problem because it is a waterproof carpet. This carpet prevents water from soaking through the cushion to the subfloor. Tigressa H20 is truly waterproof due to its construction and stain resistance. With this waterproof floor, you won’t have to worry about accidents and spills from kids and pets. 
Besides our available waterproof carpets, we also offer waterproof hard surface floors, which include laminate, LVT, and tile.  

Laminate for Life

Laminate for Life is known for designing a floor to withstand whatever life brings. Laminate for Life offers the look of authentic hardwood and tile. Additionally, the SnapSEAL locking system and FinishGUARD protective service ensures that dust, dirt, moisture, and scratches are resisted. The SnapSEAl prevents moisture from settling underneath the floor with its extremely tight seal. 

Top Waterproof Flooring Options

Laminate for Life isn’t the only flooring option that provides the look of real hardwood and tile, while also being water resistant. LVT flooring brands such as COREtec and Invincible H20 are 100% waterproof and can be installed over almost all existing floors and wet areas. Also, LVT floors will not expand, contract, or swell in high moisture areas. Though LVT flooring is 100% waterproof and incredibly resilient, tile flooring continues to be the most durable floor due to its natural resistance to water, scratches, and dents. 
Overall, if you are looking for a waterproof floor for your home, we offer a variety of carpet brands, laminate, LVT, and tile floors.

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