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Waterproof Flooring Options at Emerson Carpet One Floor & Home in Baton Rouge

emerson-carpet-one-floor-home-baton-rouge-waterproof-flooring-optionsOur lives are busy these days, and unwanted spills and other messes are the last thing we want to think about. Whether you live in a busy house full of activity or you just want a low-maintenance option, choosing the best flooring for your lifestyle can alleviate some of the stress and help you maintain your floors with less effort. If you’re thinking this sounds like a good solution, you may want to consider a waterproof floor. At Emerson Carpet One in Baton Rouge, LA, we carry a variety of waterproof flooring options including tile, vinyl and even carpet! Our staff of experts is here to help you along the way to answer your questions or recommend quality products to you. Find out more about some of our waterproof flooring options below.

Tiles are probably the most common type of flooring used specifically as waterproof flooring, since they are versatile enough to not just be confined to the floor. Tiles like bathroom tile can line showers, pools and tubs, so it’s only natural that the waterproof material would transition to the floor! Tiles are not only waterproof, they are also fade proof and flame proof, and stand up well to foot traffic. Tiles come in so many colors and textures so they can be installed in fun patterns.

Vinyl is a manufactured plastic flooring that comes in tiles, planks or as one big sheet. Because of the resins and plastic in vinyl, the finished product includes moisture proof abilities. Vinyl tile and plank luxury vinyl flooring is intriguing because it is made to look like natural materials such as stone or hardwood. This means you can get the look you want without having to worry about the maintenance that comes along with wood or stone flooring.

Tigressa Carpet
Did you skip right down to this section as soon as you read carpet up above? We know, it’s pretty unbelievable. Carpet One Floor & Home carries a special Tigressa product called Tigressa H2O, which is waterproof! Tigressa carpets are known for being super soft while maintaining durability, and this product is no different. The difference comes in the waterproof backing which prevents liquids and stains from seeping through.

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