Select the Perfect Floors in 3 Easy Steps!

Choosing Your Next Floor is Simple with the Select-A-Floor System at Emerson Carpet One Floor & Home in Baton Rouge

emerson-carpet-one-floor-home-baton-rouge-select-a-floorShopping for flooring. We all may feel different feelings throughout the process, but our hope at Emerson Carpet One in Baton Rouge, LA is to make shopping for flooring enjoyable for you! We know that there are a lot of choices out there and they all come with their own sets of information, so it can get overwhelming at times. We also think it would be better if instead of going to many different sources on your own, you could come to one source to get all the information you need, and we’ve created that resource! We have a shopping tool called the Select-A-Floor system that is a unique differentiator to Carpet One Floor & Home. Select-A-Floor was designed to take the guesswork out and bring you relevant information you can use to choose the right product for your needs.

When you come to try this tool, you will be greeted by our expert staff of flooring consultants who are ready to help! They can help with any product-related questions, including those about hardwood, tile, vinyl, carpet, laminate or our related services.

Using the Select-A-Floor system is easy. We have taken a set of our most popular products and used color coding to break them down into different categories such as color, budget, taste, lifestyle and more. Once you’ve established which factors you associate best with, you will follow that color through and be led to a selection of products you are sure to love!

To come try out Select-A-Floor or for any related questions, please come visit our showroom today!