Hard Surface Flooring

Hardwood, Tile, LVT, Laminate, & Vinyl

Hard Surface Flooring 

When it comes to deciding on a new floor you can either go with Hard Surface Flooring or Soft Surface Flooring. Though both have their own benefits, what it comes down to is preference and style. There are many hard surface flooring options and it can be difficult finding the right one that fits your home and your budget. To learn more about all our hard surface products click on the articles below. 

Waterproof Flooring Options

  • COREtec:  When it comes to a revolution in luxury vinyl flooring, staying on trend with COREtec will be beneficial for your home. 

  • COREtec Plus: COREtec Plus allows you to have the look of real hardwood but with more durability.

  • COREtec LVT: Vinyl plank flooring, also known as LVT, is a versatile, easy and economical choice. 

 Hardwood Flooring

  • Solid vs Engineered Hardwood: Hardwood is a popular choice for flooring as it is a material with a timeless feel and classic look. 

  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing: When you have hardwood flooring installed in your home, it comes with a finish, or a stain, that protects the wood from contaminants and bacteria.

  • Hardwood & Humidity: There is nothing worse than humidity ruining your hardwood floor. 

Hard Surface Flooring Options

  • Mudroom Flooring:Get the right Mudroom Floor with LVT or Tile.

  • Kitchen Flooring: Although hardwood looks great and adds to the value of your home, tile, linoleum, and vinyl can also prove quite beneficial for your kitchen. 

  • Grout: Every flooring installation has two major components: The flooring, and the installation materials.

  • Bedroom Flooring: Which Flooring option is right for your bedroom?

LVT & Tile Flooring

  • Top LVT Flooring: Baroque luxury vinyl tile.

  • Bathroom Tile Flooring: Anatolia Tile 

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT flooring, is a great flooring option if you are looking for a durable, affordable and beautiful product.

  • Tile Flooring: Ceramic tiles are made from clay and other natural materials which are fired under high heat to create a durable surface. 

  • LVT Flooring: LVT Flooring isn't the ugly step sister to real hardwood.

  • Kitchen Tile: Tile Flooring is the perfect solution for the high traffic areas in your home, like your Kitchen