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Can you Stain Grout?

Every flooring installation has two major components: the flooring, and the installation materials. In the case of tile, the installation material is grout sealer, an adhesive sealer used to meld tiles together and keep them in place.

Tile Grout Stain

Grout , if installed properly, is meant to last the lifetime of the floor, but if you are noticing cracks or loose tiles, you more than likely have more than just an aesthetic problem on your hands. Before than going straight to re-grouting, however, consider some of the other reasons why your floors could be performing inadequately:

  1. The binding enzyme, or the substrate that the grout was put on is not rigid enough and not acting the way it should

  2. You may have had improperly set tile or faulty installation

  3. The grout is too wide in the joints

  4. The joints of grout were not filled in completely at installation

Staining Grout a Different Color

If one of these is the issue behind your faulty floor, re-grouting will only result in a temporary fix. Please consult one of our flooring experts if you suspect one of these is the cause. 

If your grout has become discolored or stained we can give your floor a grout refresh! We use a colorant that will even out the color again or even change the color of your grout so your floors will look as good as new. 

To learn more about our grout staining and refresh services, contact Emerson Carpet One Floor & Home in Baton Rouge, LA. 

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