How to Choose a Carpet

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How to Choose a Carpet

Buying the best carpet is a big task, and at Emerson Carpet One in Baton Rouge, LA, we are here to help you through it. Here are some things to consider while you’re in the process of buying carpet.

How You Live
Your lifestyle will play a very big part in your decision on which carpet works best for you. Do you live alone or do you have a family with small children and pets? We at Emerson Carpet One offer a variety of brands with protection against soil, stains, wear and much more. We also offer a special installation, called the Healthier Living Installation, on our carpets. HLI ensures an allergen-free space for you and your family.

Where It's Going
Consider the function of the room where your carpet will be installed. Is it for a low-traffic living room? A high-traffic hallway? What will people be doing in the room? Will there be high potential for spills? These are all important factors that will play into choosing the right carpet.

Who You Are
Don’t forget your personality when you are browsing the options! You’ll be the one seeing this room every day and night, so as much as function and lifestyle matter, don’t lose sight of your taste, either.

We have an abundance of carpet options including various brands and styles. From low-pile and smooth natural rugs to high-pile bright and cushy carpet, our carpets are all made by the highest quality flooring manufacturers.

What is the Best Type of Carpet?

Tigressa Carpet
Texture is such a big part of what makes carpet appealing, and the Tigressa carpet brand puts texture at the forefront. While there are a few different lines of Tigressa, including Tigressa softstyle, Tigressa cherish and Tigressa H2O, they all focus on a soft texture that will transform your room into an inviting space to relax in. Tigressa carpets are made from Nylon, which makes them 75% softer than the current soft carpets on the market. However, these fibers are also very strong and can stand up to foot traffic, resulting in less crushing and matting. With so many colors and even a waterproof feature, Tigressa carpet is something softly special.

Relax, it’s Lees
Since 1846, the Lees name has been synonymous with quality carpet and innovative solutions. Lees carpet is known for being strong. The Relax, it’s Lees line boasts stain resistant carpets that resist spills and make cleanup a cinch. Because Lees has been around for so long, it is a tried and tested brand that only improves with time.

Have any questions or want to see some samples of our types of carpet? Come in to our showroom or call to learn more.

At Emerson Carpet One, we're proud to serve customers throughout Baton Rouge, LA, including the cities of Gonzales, Prairieville, Baker and Denham Springs.