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Best Bedroom Flooring Trends

Whether your home has a guest bedroom built in or you've got extra space after your kids go to college, having a warm and welcoming guest bedroom is a terrific way to entice friends and family members who live far away to come stay. When you have someone coming from out-of-town, you want to know that they're going to feel right at home, and making the guest bedroom comfortable and cozy is the first step in the right direction. From flooring options to creating a welcome kit, you won't need to spend a fortune to make these updates. 

Top Hardwood Flooring Trends

When you're looking at flooring options for your guest bedroom, hardwood should definitely be part of your consideration. Hardwoods as a bedroom flooring option have an understated beauty and character that will look terrific for years and requires a minimum of cleaning and preparation for your guests. Add a lovely rug and some warm slippers and they'll feel right at home with hardwood bedroom flooring. 

Master Bedroom Ideas

It can be difficult to sleep in someone else's home, and when there's  a lot of light coming into the room it can make the situation even worse. Finding light-blocking curtains can assure that they're getting the best sleep possible while away from their normal sleeping situation. Look for blinds that are "light blocking" or "light filtering"--often those with a double-cell are most effective. 

Creating a Welcome Kit

Anytime you stay away from home, you're likely to forget some things--shampoo, conditioner, razors and shaving cream to name a few. Why not make a small kit with mini-size items that your guests may need? Nest the goodie basket over some towels and add a bottle of water and snack so they've got everything they need! Another bonus is that you're much less likely to get a lot of questions about where to find specific items if you leave it in plain sight. 

There you have it! From flooring options to curtains, to a simple welcome kit these steps will help your guests feel right at home.

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