Baroque Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood from Baroque

Baroque Flooring is well-known for their commitment to create hardwood floors in a wide range of styles that are available and affordable to everyone in search of hardwood floors. Baroque keeps their products affordable by owning their own forests and manufacturing facilities. Baroque is dedicated to sustainability as well as producing environmentally friendly products. All wood material comes from FSC certified forests, and use recycled materials or other sustainable materials to make their products.

Baroque hardwood flooring

Choose from a wide variety of traditional and exotic species, as well as colors and styles. Baroque hardwood comes in both engineered as well as solid options, and their protective finish makes them scratch resistant.

Hardwood flooring does a lot for your home. In addition to hardwood being a value adding feature of your home, it is also an allergy friendly option. There is nowhere for dust or dirt to hid, meaning you can easily clean hardwood floors and prevent harmful allergens from being released into the air. Hardwood is very versatile in terms of style. You can choose from traditional warm tones, or stick with the latest trends such as rustic and reclaimed looks.

To learn more about Baroque hardwood floors, visit our showroom and speak with one of our flooring professionals.