Meet the Experts at Emerson Carpet One

emerson-carpet-one-floor-home-baton-rouge-la-leeLee Emerson, Owner/President
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Lee grew up in New Orleans working with his father and learning the business during the summers. Lee later moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend LSU. He started selling carpet for dorms out of the back of his blue station wagon. After graduating, Lee started his own flooring business in 1996 and focused mainly on apartments. Later on, he joined the Carpet One organization and has now expanded his reach by selling to large commercial companies, apartment complexes, rental properties and residential homes. Lee has come a long way from selling from the back of his station wagon but never lost his friendly demeanor. The Emerson name tied to flooring carries on to now include his two daughters, Ariane and Olivia.

Carpet One

Ariane Emerson, Operations Director
(225) 291-2787 |
Ariane is the oldest Emerson daughter. Being dyslexic she is the creative one and went to school for drafting. She now helps plan for large commercial and retail insurance jobs. She has an eye for design and is always working on ways to help better the family business.




Olivia Emerson, Finance Director
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Olivia is the youngest of Lee's daughters. She recently graduated from LSU. She thinks just like her father so managing human resources for Emerson Carpet One is perfect for her. 




April Blackstock, Showroom Director
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April worked at Emerson Carpet One in its early days, before moving to New York. Now that’s she back home, Lee and his daughters are thrilled to have her as part of the family business.




Jeff Bankhead, Sr Sales Consultant
O (225) 291-2787 | (225) 413-5795 |
Jeff has been with Emerson Carpet One since 1997. Jeff’s expertise is large retail jobs in the ever growing commercial market along with residential insurance jobs. Jeff is always on the move, visiting his job sites and his customers, making sure everything is running smoothly and his customers are happy.



Sal Dimitri, Flooring Consultant
O (225) 291-2787 | C (504) 473-8313 |
Sal has been with Emerson Carpet One since May 2012. He is a very hard worker who is always pushing himself to do more. Sal is constantly on the move, making sure everything is running smoothly for all of his customers.



Sherry Terry, Office Manager
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Arron Sanford, Production Manager
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Carlos Jimenez,   Warehouse Coordinator
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Mario Perkins, Warehouse Assistant
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